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Naturel HPP is the first and only company that offers cold processing for food preservation in Canada using High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP  uses pure cold water (mostly recycled) to pasteurize foods.  Safer, fresher, longer lasting foods for consumers will maximize business opportunities for YOU, food processors.

Completely natural process

Completely natural process

This natural process allows food processors to reduce preservatives and other chemical additives resulting in clean labels. The technology uses pure cold water to inactivate pathogens and increase the shelf life.  With less food thrown away, HPP is a sustainable approach to food safety.


North american conformity and recognition HACCP

HPP technology are officially recognized by Health Canada and many other regulatory agencies such as USDA and FDA.  Natural HPP has established a comprehensive HACCP program and SQF II accreditation to consistently provide the best services to our customers.


Natural HPP benefits

The impressive HPP technology offers a wide range of benefits including food safety by inactivating deadly pathogens and increasing the shelf life, allowing wider distribution and exportation.



Our clients are food processors from different industries such as cooked processed meat, raw meat, ready-to-eat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, juices, etc.





Packing boxes

Case labeling

Picking and palettization

Long-term storing



Business sectors

Traditionally HPP was exclusive to cooked processed meat, guacamole and salsa. Recently in Canada, the fresh cold pressed juice market is growing so rapidly that many processors have relocated their business close to our site.

As of April 1, 2016, the HPP deregulation in Canada, has created major excitement for the red raw meat and poultry industries. Here is a list of foods that can be processed with our technology:

  • Fresh cold pressed juice
  • Cold brew coffee/tea
  • Nut milk beverages
  • Others
Raw product
Raw product
  • Marinated meats
  • Fresh sausages
  • Skewers
  • Roasts
  • Others
Cooked processed meat
Cooked processed meat
  • Cold meat
  • Marinated roast
  • Ground beef
  • Others
Dairy products
Dairy products
  • Cheeses
  • Yogurts
  • Milks
  • Others
Ready-to-eat products
Ready-to-eat products
  • Enhanced quality
  • Humus
  • Meat loaf
  • Others
Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables
  • Fruit compotes
  • Salsas
  • Others




We are extremely concerned about the food waste problem for our customers. HPP diminishes food waste in the supermarkets on average by 90%. Along the way, it also includes a reduction of greenhouse gas if these products would have been thrown in a landfill.

In addition, the use of our technology allows food processors to work more efficiently by producing the same products in larger amounts, over a longer period of time, with fewer changeovers. This new work flow diminishes packaging, food waste, clean-up and soap costs. We strongly recommend that our customers use vacuum packaging when possible; as it allows the minimization of cases dimensions, maximization of pallet space and consequently reduction of transportation Reducing our carbon footprint is important at every stage of the process.

By using the right tools, together we will save the planet!

Global Food products waste on 900kg/yr/inhabitant

North America and Oceania

  • Production
  • Transformation
  • Handling
  • Distribution
  • Consumption

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