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There are incredible advantages to longer shelf life … you will be pleasantly surprised!


We have created a calculator that reviews all the process steps, from initial product start to logistics, and calculates the cost.

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  • Without Natural HPP, we only had 3 days of shelf life on our entire range of products. After moving our production unit at Saint-Hyacinthe, we can now offer products with more than 45 days of shelf life.

    With their experience and precision, Natural HPP’s team has greatly helped us to develop new products; our pan-Canadian sales literally exploded in six months.

    Ashley Cuff President, Cedar Juice Ltd
  • We make every effort to increase our products food safety beyond what is required by the governmental instances. HPP processing application allows us to rest easy.

    Major clients demand that products go through HPP processing. HPP technology has allowed us to significantly increase our sales.

    Pat DeMarco President, Viau Foods
  • We had pates and terrines with a low level of acidity that affected their shelf life, which made them hard to commercialize efficiently. HPP processing allowed us to commercialize those excellent products.

    Holidays are nightmares for production. HPP has allowed us to eliminate the peak periods and considerably diminish overtime costs.

    Martin Bilodeau Sales director, La Maison du Gibier inc.
  • With Natural HPP’s help, we have improved our plant’s efficiency by doing bigger batches of products, less often.

    We are then able to maintain a minimum of products in our inventory enabling a better and more reactive response to our clients’ demands.

    Enrico Carpitenri President, Cuisine Gaspésienne
  • Due to its “clean label” ingredients list, our organic line products had a short shelf life; thanks to Naturel HPP, we have gained more than 100 days of shelf life, which has allowed us to conquer new cross-border markets.

    HPP processing allowed us to drastically reduce recalls on “guaranteed sales” and therefore minimized our food waste costs.

    Serge Breton President, Les Spécialités Prodal
  • Before, we had to operate daily deliveries to our point of sale locations. With its HPP process that increases the shelf life of our juices, Naturel HPP has allowed us to do more important deliveries, less often. We are more efficient and sustainable with HPP.

    I sincerely admit that Natural HPP team’s members were correct to insist on the merits of their technology and what it could bring to us.

    Raphael Hubert Co-president, Jus Dose

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